Friday, July 3, 2009

Adventures in New York City!!

Hey everyone! Today was my first day off of classes for the fourth even though it is the third (we don't get it either). Since we were left with a free day, a group of friends and I chose to take a walking tour of Gossip Girl country. If you don't know what Gossip Girl is, it is a television show based on the lives of teenagers on the upper east side of Manhattan.
The Subway
So, Gossip Girl characters really don't ride the subway, but it was the easiest way to get there.
This picture is of Lauren from New Jersey and some random guys armpit-- it was a really small, crowded subway.
Jordan from New Jersey and Sabastian from Washington D.C. squeezing in for a picture.

Lauren and Julia from Connecticut

The band that entertained us on the subway.

Central Park

Central Park was the first stop because it was closest to the subway station. After getting everyone lost by taking a wrong turn (Why do they let the girl from Idaho be the navigator?) we arrived in Central Park.

Malika from Dubai (That is not in India like I thought it was!) behind her camera. She is not in many pictures because she really preferred taking them!

Sabastian and I hanging out on the rocks in Central Park.

Sabastian and Jordan on the rocks.

Julia and Lauren expressing their joy that we were no longer on the little subway!
Lauren, Jordan, Sabastian, Julia, and I take a break on the swings as we relived our childhoods.

Constance Billards School for Girls
So, it doesn't really exist, but they film the exterior shots at this church.

Sabastian, Lauren, me, and Jordan in front of "Constance."

The gate was padlocked so we tried to climb over the top before we decided it was a bad idea.

This is the real Nate and Chuck from Gossip Girl fighting in front of Constance.

This is Jordan and I recreating the moment in the EXACT SAME SPOT!!!

The New York Palace Hotel

In Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass owns the Palace Hotel where Serena van der Woodsen lives so it is important spot in the Gossip Girl world.

This is the courtyard of the Palace Hotel. We thought this would be as close as we could get, but we decided to try anyway. We actually got in!

Gossip Girl uses this room to hold fancy brunches. We definately were not supposed to be in here, but Julia and I hurried in to take a quick picture.
Decorating the Suite
I was assigned to decorate our suite so I decided that it would be great to use the Jonas Brothers!!! I bought a magazine full of posters and hung them in our suite. Everyone agrees that we are in cute overload! I love walking around our suite and seeing the Jonas Brothers looking at me.

All in all it has been a really great first week here! I am super excited for more learning and exploring. Thanks for checking the blog and I love all the support.


  1. So I find it funny that you are in New York City... Basicly the capital of AMERICA... The Smithsonian, Lady Liberty, and the Empire State Building and what do you do first? A Gossip Girl Tour! ha ha oh Elle I love ya! Hope its a blast!

  2. Could you breathe in some of that NYC air for me please. I am so jealous, what an opportunity for you!!! We will miss you tomorrow though! Have a fun Fourth!