Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chicago! (The musical not the place.)

Today my friends and I decided to go see Chicago on Broadway starring Chandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy!
We had to stand in the line outside the box office for an hour and a half!

Sabastian and Jordan playing games while we waited for the box office to open.

Lauren waiting for the box office to open.

Now, all you Grey's Anatomy fans out there, Chandra Wilson played Mama Morton. She was phenomenal! After the show, we waited outside the stage door and waited for the actors to come out. My friends didn't think that she would come out since it was just a matinee, but she did. Guess who she talked to first? ME!

She was really, super nice and acted just like Dr. Bailey! It was so cool, and we also found out that tonight is her last show. I highly recommend Chicago it was great!

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