Monday, July 6, 2009

A Typical Day

My mom asked me if I would tell everyone what is happening at my classes just so you all have an idea of what I am doing everyday.
I wake up every morning around eight so I can meet members of my creative writing class for breakfast at eight thirty. We leave for class around nine thirty even though class doesn't start until ten. I don't really know why we like to be so early. We have what is called a seminar with Marina until eleven. At eleven fifteen we start our first workshop with Bridget. Workshop is where we read what everyone did for homework and critique them. It is a little terrifying. That class ends for lunch at twelve forty- five. My journalism elective runs from one thirty until two thirty. At three we start our final workshop for the day with Caitlyn. We end classes for the day at four thirty, and my class usually heads over to our favorite hang out, Artopolis, for dinner or gelato. We spend the nights doing homework or going on outings such as theatre, movies, and walks around the park. Curfew is at eleven. That is usually when we hold suite meetings with my RA's Emily and Sandy. I finish my homework and go to bed around one.
I am having a great time even though it is a lot of learning and running around!

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  1. What a fantastic opportunity! Remember us when you are famous!!! Great to hear you are loving it!